One-year adoption

A group of harbour and grey seals lives at the Seal Centre year-round. Within a year, considerable expenses are incurred, e.g. for food, medications and veterinary check-ups. Therefore, we are looking for one or several “adoptive parents” to carry a part of these costs for each of our permanent residents.

A full one-year adoption costs € 2,555.00, a partial adoption can be bought starting from € 450.00. 100% of the donation are used to the benefit of the animals.

On small plaques, the visitors of the Seal Centre are informed of the current “adoptive parents” of the animals. As a small thank you, you get an adoption certificate of your adopted animal and get the chance to meet it “personally” during a tour of the Centre. The annual newsletter also informs you about everything that happened over the course of the past “seal year”.

You would like to adopt a seal with your company? We are happy to put a link to your company´s website onto our website.

Of course, families or private individuals can also become (partial) “adoptive parents”.


You would like to become an “adoptive parent” for a year? Please send us an e-mail or use our online donation form:

Our animals

At the moment, there are four harbour seals and two grey seals living permanently in the spacious, nature-oriented pools of 800 m3 volume. Our animals could not be released for various reasons or were born at the Seal Centre or similar institutions. You can find detailed information on the page of each respective animal.