Rehabilitating seals

According to the International Seal Agreement, the Seal Centre Friedrichskoog is the only institution authorized to admit abandoned or sick seals in Schleswig-Holstein.

The howl of a young seal is a normal contact call, with which it calls for its mother, not a distress call.

Abandoned Pups are assessed by the responsible Seehundjänger [a gamekeeper specially trained to assess the condition of a seal] and committed to the Seal Centre. Besides raising abandoned pups, rehabilitating weakened or sick seals belongs to the duties of the Seal Centre.

Contact “seal in need”

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At the Seal Centre, abandoned pups first get a check-up by a veterinarian and are marked with a flipper tag for clear identification. To make sure that the animals do not have any infectious diseases, they spend a few days in quarantine.

Rehabilitation area

Observing strict hygiene measures, the young harbour and grey seals are raised as close to nature as possible. This includes:

  • Regular veterinary check-ups
  • Saltwater pools
  • Housing in small groups
  • No unnecessary human contact

In the rehabilitation area, the abandoned pups live in small groups to facilitate social contacts. In the beginning, the pups are fed a special salmon emulsion. Afterwards, they learn to eat fish independently.


In the release pool, the young seals can practice their agility in the water as well as their fishing abilities and still have to gain some weight. As soon as the animals are big enough, healthy and independent, the release can be prepared. All animals need a veterinary healthy certificate and permission from the National Park administration before they can be released.

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