Our animals

At the Seal Centre Friedrichskoog, the association of the two native seal species harbour and grey seal in one enclosure – a husbandry form that is not found anywhere else in Germany – can be observed both on land as well as in and under the water. At the moment, there are four harbour seals and two grey seals permanently living in the spacious, nature-oriented pools of 800 m3 volume. Our animals could not be released for various reasons or were born at the Seal Centre or similar institutions. You can find detailed information on the page of each respective animal.


We feed our animals in connection with a medical training. This serves to do regular check-ups on the health status of the animals and get them used to unusual situations. For example, the flippers and sensory organs can be checked, the belly palpated or small medical treatments carried out. Training can also be used specifically as an activity element. Known and new tasks demand and stimulate the seals which leads to exciting variety.

Seals are wild animals and predators who should be regarded with respect. Therefore, the medical training is only carried out by specifically schooled animal trainers.