Other support opportunities

You would like to support us?

As a recognized non-profit organization (gGmbH), the Seal Centre does not get federal support but finances its entire operation through entrance fees and donations. All ongoing costs have to be covered this way.

The pleasantly increasing harbour and grey seal populations in Germany lead to higher numbers of young seals that need to be taken care of at the Seal Centre.

This also means higher expenses for rehabilitation. This includes food and veterinary costs as well as the operation of the filter technology and the pool facilities. Innovations and special expenses also need to be paid for.

Contact for donations

Do you have questions about the various support opportunities? Please send us an e-mail or use our online donation form:

One-time donation

Even a one-time donation of your choice is valuable! € 10.00 already help to provide a pup in the release pool with fish for two days. € 60.00 cover a veterinary admit exam and an initial medical treatment for one animal.

If you need a donation receipt, please put your address in the reference line of your bank transfer.

Part of the shoal

Support upkeep and updates of the exhibition “Seals of the World” which was opened in 2010! In individual topic chambers, you can learn more about leopard seal, mediterranean monk seal, walrus and co.

The project was funded in part by the Zukunftsprogramm Wirtschaft of the European Regional Development Fund (EFRE) and the Umweltlotterie BINGO! [a lottery whose proceeds go to conservation projects]. All further costs have to be carried by the Seal Centre.

Join us und buy a fish! Starting from € 150.00, your personal Herring swims in the shoal of sponsors.

Collecting premiums with your online shopping


The internet platform www.gooding.de allows everybody to support the Seal Centre with their online shopping – entirely without extra costs for you.

More than 900 online shops such as Zooplus, Ebay, Bahn or Zalando participate. For every purchase, our Centre receives a provision of on average 5% of the purchase value.

You yourself do not pay any more than usual, the provision is paid by the companies. Gooding finances itself through a voluntary share of the company provision. As a user, you do not have to register or divulge any data.

This is how the support through Gooding works:

  1. Before your next online purchase, visit the site Gooding.de and choose one of over 900 online shops.
  2. Afterwards, choose the Seal Centre Friedrichskoog.
  3. Now you start your shopping as you usually would. The purchases do not cost a single cent more. A registration is not necessary.

Go to Gooding here: https://www.gooding.de/



Another opportunity to collect premiums for the Seal Centre with your online shopping is Smile.Amazon. Here is how:

Instead of using amazon.de, just use smile.amazon.de. During your first visit to smile.amazon.de, you have to choose an organization. This organization then receives 0.5% of the value of your qualifying purchases. You can just use the account that you use on amazon.de on smile.amazon.de as well.

The prices and selection are the same as on the normal site, just with the benefit that Amazon passes on 0.5% of the purchase value to a certain, charitable organization.


Your last will/ instead of flowers and wreaths

With your testament, you have to opportunity to determine on time what happens to your inheritance. With a testament, you can leave some of your inheritance, aside from the compulsory shares that relatives are entitled to, to the Seal Centre.

For many people who already think about their own burial in their lifetime, expressions of condolence in the shape of wreaths and flowers play only a secondary role. Instead, you can decide to ask the mourners to donate to a charitable organization.