Harbour and grey seal – how do the native seal species of the Wadden Sea differ from each other? Leopard seal, crabeater seal, walrus – who has the longest and who has the sharpest teeth? What is a hooded seal and which seal species can be found in caves?

A lot of exciting and interesting information about seals waits to be discovered in the exhibition areas of the Seal Centre!

Life-sized sculptures of walrus, ringed seal & co. as well as intricately designed habitats convey many interesting facts and insights into the life of seals. No matter the age: there is a lot to discover for everyone.

What is happening here? Where the old information building used to be, a new, spacious wooden building with windows that reach down to the floor is being built.

What is happening here? Between the dyke and the new exhibition building, an extension to the outdoor area will offer more space to play or rest.