Exhibition “Seals of the World”

In the interactive exhibition “Seals of the World”, manifold installations invite the visitor to find out more about the biology, endangering factors and protective measures of native marine mammals and their relatives.

Life-sized sculptures of walrus, ringed seal & co. as well as intricately designed habitats convey many interesting facts and insights into the life of the seals. Why is the mediterranean monk seal critically endangered? Does the leopard seal really have spots? Which seal eats penguins and why does the walrus have tusks?

No matter the age: there is a lot to discover for everyone.

A total of 1 Million Euros was necessary to build the exhibition together with the underwater adventure world and the creation of the ramps leading to the exhibition. The interactive exhibition was funded with € 550.008 by the Zukunftsprogramm Wirtschaft [a program by the federal state Schleswig-Holstein] using funds from the European Regional Development Fund and from the federal state Schleswig-Holstein itself, as well as by the Umweltlotterie BINGO! [a lottery whose proceeds go to conservation projects], with € 200,000. All further costs had to be raised by the Trägerverein [a type of sponsoring association] of the Seal Centre.