Seals on the beach

Harbour and grey seals spend a large portion of their time in the water. However, they haul-out onto land to rest – they use not only sandbanks but sometimes beaches or other coastal stretches as well. It is therefore completely normal to find a seal during your walk along the beach or dyke.

Contact “seal in need”

You found a seal?
Please give us a call:

Phone: 04854-1372

What to do?

The right behaviour is especially important – for the safety of both you and the animal. Judging if a seal is an abandoned pup or a sick/weakened animal in need is unfortunately often impossible for untrained individuals.

You can best help the seal by observing the following rules:

  • Do not touch the seal
  • Put dogs on a leash and keep them away
  • Keep a safe distance (several hundred meters if possible)
  • Please do not obstruct the escape route towards the water or shoo the seal towards the water
  • Please inform the Seehundjäger [a gamekeeper specially trained to assess the condition of a seal], the Seal Centre Friedrichskoog or the police

Abandoned pups

Young seals use a howling sound to stay in contact with their mothers. It is a normal contact call by the young, not a distress call.

The responsible Seehundjäger [a gamekeeper specially trained to assess the condition of a seal] considers every seal individually on-site and decides how to proceed. He watches the young seal to find out if it was abandoned or if the mother returns. If the young seal has been weaned and is healthy, it can stay in the wild. If that is not the case, its health condition is assessed to decide if the young seal should be brought to the Seal Centre Friedrichskoog.

Do you have further questions about seals and the seal management in the Schleswig-Holstein Wadden Sea National Park?

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