Harbour seal Lilli


Harbour seal
Phoca vitulina

Year of birth: 2003
Sex: Weiblich
Characteristics: Small, white spot on the back of her nose and a distinct pattern on the forehead

Lilli was born at the Seal Centre Friedrichskoog in 2003. Lilli is very active, plays throughout the pool with Hein, Snorre or Mareike and likes to use the island as a ‘slip and slide’. At the underwater window, she often flirts with visitors. She is very curious and always interested in what is happening around her.

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Partial adoption

Simone Neumann-Baumgarten & Jens Peter Neumann, Norderstedt

Partial adoption

Michaele & Jana Peters und Rene Frackowiak, Düsseldorf

Partial adoption

Lysianne Dietzel, Hamburg

Partial adoption

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