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As non-profit, accredited organization the Seal Centre is financed solely by admission fees and donations. All running and investment-related charges are covered by this money. This includes food and veterinarian costs, veterinary material, events, office supplies, maintenance of the facilities and much more.


You would like to support us? There are different possibilities:


1. Become a sponsor of the Seal Centre Friedrichskoog

2. Adopt one of our resident seals

3. Adopt a pup

4. Become a member of our "shoal of sponsors"

5. Single donations


If you would like more informations about sponsoring, please contact us.

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Kegelrobbe "Ole" im Aufzuchtbereich

Die junge Kegelrobbe wurde am 11.10.2019 als Frühgeburt vom Helgoländer Seehundjäger Michael Janßen auf der Düne entdeckt. Als sicher war, dass... Weiter ...


Junge Robben in der Seehundstation:


Der gesamte Aufzuchtbereich ist für Besucher nicht zugänglich. Videokameras... Weiter ...