Secondary school (up to age 16)

How do you tell harbour and grey seal apart? How are the seals in the North Sea doing? How many are there – and how do we know that?

At the Seal Centre, students can experience harbour and grey seals and learn about their habits and habitat in the Wadden Sea National Park through various educational programmes. With explorations and experiments, students become active as seal researchers themselves. Alongside the native seals, the Seals of the World exhibition and other educational offers sensitize to biological diversity.


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Educational programmes

For secondary schools, we offer the following educational programmes:

Alone or in small teams, the Seal Centre can be discovered independently.

During a guided tour, you will get information about the animals that live at the Seal Centre permanently, the biology and the habits of native seals, and about the work of the Seal Centre.

The film informs about seal management and the work of the Seal Centre and conveys the right way to handle encounters with wild animals.