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The seal centre carries out specific research projects in close relationship with different universities. The results extend the knowledge of health status, way of life and protection possibilities of harbour seals.

Prerequisite for all research projects performed with the resident animals was and will be the medical training. The goal is to be able to handle the animals without stress in unusual situations, e.g. visit of the veterinarian, transportation or research projects. Different procedures are trained, like examination of the limbs and sensory organs, palpate the stomach or drug administration (e.g. eye drops).

The training is voluntary for the animals and is based on positive reinforcement. The trainer rewards the animal with fish after each correct performance.

In the context of the MINOS-projects hearing tests were performed. The aim was to assess the impact on the hearing system of the local marine mammals by the construction and operation noise of offshore windfarms.

Students have the opportunity of preparing term and examination papers, in close collaboration with their home university. Prerequisite is a passed internship according to our general internship terms.

Many results of the projects which were performed at the Seal Centre Friedrichskoog e.V. have been published in scientific articles, in book chapters, conference presentations or within the context of examination papers.

This is a list of the publications.


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