Seehundstation Friedrichskoog 


Rehabilitation of sick and abandoned seals

 Only young seals separated from theirs mothers in the first weeks of life (during suckling period) are real orhpans.



If you have found a seal (pup), please:






  • Do not touch or attempt to handle the seal,
  • keep your dog at distance,
  • keep your distance
  • call the Seal Hunter, the Seal Centre or the police.



Heuleraufzucht und -rehabilitation



After the Seal Hunter has handed over the seal  to the Seal Centre, the animal is examined by a veterinarian and provided with a flipper tag.



According to strict hygiene requirements, the seal pups are raised as naturally as possible. These include:

  • regular veterinary health check

  • Keeping in sea water

  • Keeping in small social groups

  • Limiting contact with humans to a minimum level


To make sure that the animals have no infectious diseases, they spend a few days in quarantine. 


Then, small groups are formed to facilitate social contacts.




In their first weeks of life the pups are nourished with a special milk and fish porridge via tube feeding.



The next step after tube feeding is introducing herring via force feeding small pieces of fish. Then, they learn to eat fish slowly.



The big pool is the final stage of the rehabilitation process. Once the pups are feeing by themselves, they move to the big pool where they can practice in agile swimming and fishing.



After reaching the target weight  of at least 25 kg, a veterinary health certificate and the permission of the National Park Administration, the animals are released back to the Wadden Sea area.


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