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The information centre „harbour seal“ imparts facts about harbour seals, grey seals and other marine mammals of the Wadden Sea.  You can become active yourself, e.g. answer questions at our flip-charts, touch furs and bone specimen, listen to the calls of lone pups or count harbour seals at a computer display.


 Seeleopard, Watt, Nahrungsspiel, Ringelrobbe


The experiential exhibition „Seals of the World“ rounds off the information supply. Here you can learn about the highly endangered Mediterranean monk seal, caress the beard of the eponymous seal, dive into kelp forests with the South African fur seal, or look into the mouth of a leopard seal hunting penguins. These are all life-sized exhibits which invite you to a journey into the world of the seals.

Dive with Nemi & Co. into the underwater world of the Wadden Sea. Explore the oceans of the planet earth. Meet the life-sized seals of the world, listen to the mysterious sounds of the sea or try to be a scientist.

Get familiarized with the topic of seal food and fisheries at the child-active-area. In the tunnel of senses creatures of the Wadden and the North Sea can be felt, just as harbour and grey seal would do with their whiskers to find their prey.

About 1 million Euros were needed for the exhibition together with the underwater experiential exhibits and the design of the exhibition down the ramps. The experiential exhibition was sponsored with 550,008 Euros by the Future Programme Economy by resources of the European Regional Development Fund (EFRE) as well as national funding. 200,000 Euros were sponsored by the environmental lottery BINGO! . The supporting association of the seal centre had to raise the rest of the charges.



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