Information for visitors of the Seal Centre Friedrichskoog during the covid-19 pandemic (June 2021)

Dear visitors,

The Centre is re-opening with a hygiene concept that has been approved by the responsible health authorities. We ask you to follow these rules. Thank you for your understanding.

We update changes on an ongoing basis.
Please take care of your children, so that they also observe the rules.

We look forward to your visit!

Health and safety precautions:

If you feel or your child feels sick, please stay at home. We can not permit visitors who are infected with covid-19 or show other symptoms such as coughing, sneezing or the common cold.

A mask has to be worn on the entire premises. This does not include children who have not yet concluded their sixth year of life and individuals who have a medical certificate to providing that they are unable to wear a face covering.

We are responsible for ensuring that chains of infection can be traced. For this reason we are obliged to collect your contact details. Of course, we guarantee the protection of your data. Here you can download the form and bring it filled out. It is also possible to use the “Luca app” or  “Corona Warn-App”.

It is not possible to reserve time slots or online tickets.
Waiting times are to be excepted.

A distance of one seal length (at least 1.5 m) to individuals belonging to a different household must be kept.

  • Only a limited number of visitors are allowed on the premises at any one time.
  • Group visits are currently not possible.
  • There are no public feedings of the seals living at the Centre permanently.
  • Events and guided tours can still not take place.

Please follow the prescribed route through the Centre.

Please voluntarily limit your stay to a maximum of 1.5 hours to enable other guests to visit the Centre.

The bistro is closed.

The lockers can not be used.


Please pay by card if possible.

Further hygiene rules have been posted in the
entrance building and on the Centre’s premises and have to be followed.

Please note that violations exclusion from the premises of the Seal Centre!